Role of youth in Nation Building

Youth in Nation Building

Role of youth in Nation Building

Before Talking about the role of youth in Nation Building, Let us understand what Nation building actually means. Nation building is the process of constructing the national identity in the international world using the power and resources available in the nation. Now you might ask Who are the Nation builders? or How can youth play their role in Nation Building?

Nation builders are those members of the nation who have the common initiative to work for the development and welfare of the Nation. In simple words, we all are Nation Builders. We all have to contribute from our Local Level so that the works becomes smooth, easier and sustainable.

Role of youth in Nation Building

Role of youth in Nation Building
Role of youth in Nation Building
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As we all Know youth are the assets of the Nation. They can play a vital role in development of the nation and bring economic, social, political, change. Nation building also depends upon the number of active participation. According to the report, the number of youth between the age group 15 to 24 is 1.1 billion which is equal to 18% of the total population. 40% of the world’s total population is covered by youths and children. From here we can identify why youths are important for the Nation building.

A country with a large and active participation of youth will easily succeed in the development process and the work will be much effective. Youth have energy, ideas and are full of creativity. They are filled with hope and have the potential to discover new innovation which can be lot helpful for the betterment of the society and Nation. They can bring positive change in the society through different mediums.

What are the Role of youth in Nation Building?

When it comes to Nation Building, youths are the ones who have the biggest role to play as they can influence large number of people and bring revolutionary change in the Nation. There are different Role of youth in Nation Building. Youth can inspire and motivate other people through their works and beneficial activity and helping the society to grow with mutual understanding and cooperation.

Today’s world is technology world. We all know social media has been the major part of our Life. According to the survey, about 94% percent of the youth use Social media among which 52% of them use social media at least once a day and about 78% have their own mobile device with internet connection.

Here we can understand how powerful is social media and how youth can influence people through social media if used in a right way. We can conduct different online campaigns and awareness program through social media to help people to understand their responsibility and duties towards the Nation. All the youths have to understand the power of social media.

Today’s Youths are the future of the Nation. Nothing can be bigger than the power and courage of the youth. Youths are the past, present and future of the Nation. There are lot of countries which have progressed a lot in the last few years with the active participation of youth in any kind of developmental works. But we also have seen many countries which have not been able to achieve successful development.

And the only reason for that is youths going to foreign countries for employment. Every year thousands of youths go abroad due to unemployment in their home countries. They do not see their future in their home countries and go abroad in search of better life. As a result their knowledge and skill are used in foreign countries and the home countries remains behind in development. This is one of the biggest challenges for some of the countries.

A lot of counties in the world are trying to run different employment programs so that their youth remain and use their skills in their country.

To engage active youth participation, youth should be given opportunity. A mutual understanding should be there and youth should be given ownership. Giving encouragement and positive response motivates youth to do better. Their Ideas and vision should be respected. Quality education should be given to them. Connecting with them and helping them to understand their responsibilities towards the Nation.

These are the things to be considered to increase the active participation of the youth in Nation Building.

Role of youth in Nation Building Role of youth in Nation Building Role of youth in Nation Building Role of youth in Nation Building

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